A Return to Low Fantasy Gaming

I’ve been wanting to follow up on my last video on Low Fantasy Gaming for far too long. So much of this system has cropped up in just about any D&D based game I run that it’s hard to understate just how influential this game has been on me as a GM and a player. This game has really allowed my players to just dive into their characters and simply stop caring about what the “optimal” play is in combat, and it’s enabled some of the most cinematic play I’ve seen in gaming.

Low Fantasy Gaming is a return to an age of Sword & Sorcery, where strength and cunning were everything and magic was mysterious and dangerous. A lot of D&D based games have attempted this over the years to varying levels of success. I’ve found Low Fantasy Gaming to come closer than most to that ideal and it manages to do so without bogging the game down with too much complexity. There’s a great attempt here at making a game that’s both easy to learn and fast to play.

Here’s a few resources to get started: