Welcome to my table!

My name is Brent Taylor and I am a computer programmer, game developer and educator by day and a tabletop enthusiast by night! Creating games has always been my passion. In 2004, Epic Games released the, “Special Edition”, of “Unreal Tournament 2004”, a first person shooter for the PC with a long lineage. The, “Special Edition”, included a second DVD with hundreds of hours of video tutorials by, “3D Buzz”, a legitimate copy of Maya, the SDK for Unreal 2k4 and a copy of Visual Studio. I’d been making small board games for years, but nothing hit me quite the way this did. That game changed my life forever, starting me down the path to become a digital artist, animator and eventually a computer programmer. If anyone from Epic Games ever reads this, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

My first experience with Tabletop RPG’s came a year or two later, when I was in college. A friend had talked up tabletop gaming, and while I’d heard of D&D and was familiar with it through the many classic CRPG’s, I’d never actually played it or anything like it. He introduced me and a few mutual friends to the world of Vampire the Masquerade, a dark world full danger and intrigue. I was hooked, eventually diving into D&D and oh so many more games over the years.

My game of choice has changed over the years, but my passion for tweaking, hacking and making games has not, it’s only been broadened. Today I make video games, tabletop games and supplements alike. I’m constantly searching out new and interesting creators in an effort to enhance my own games. I look forward to contributing back a great deal.

  • Youtube: I post reviews of games I’ve played, a podcast and discuss new ideas on how to play, run and design tabletop games.
  • Blog: Reviews, musings and other random tabletop stuff. I regularly post bits and pieces of things I’m working on.